We are a community brought together in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and recognize and uphold the dignity and agency of all community members.

We value equityintegrity, and responsibility, which form a foundation for inclusive discoursehealthy collaboration, and respect.

We commit to learn from each other to foster an environment that embraces discovery, creativity, and development.


Harvard Physics Community: comprises students and employees of the Harvard University Department of Physics at all levels, who are engaged in or supporting learning, teaching, research, and care for our buildings and infrastructure.
Creativity: Ability to think and generate ideas in a unique and valid way.
Agency: The individual is able to act and speak independently. Agency implies and allows for a sense of self-advocacy, authenticity, and empowerment that enables a person to express themselves effectively and across multiple platforms.  This includes but is not limited to discussion, research, writing, group work, as well as physical and emotional expression. Within the concept of agency is a mutual agreement that everyone should be afforded the space they need to experience their own agency within the department.
Equity: Fairness and justice in the way people are treated.
Integrity: Adherence to ethical principles and professional standards essential for the responsible practice of research. It contains the idea of honesty, equitable treatment of colleagues, trustworthiness and a regard for the work and research conducted.
Responsibility: The shared duty we have to our present community and the future community which we hope to build.
Inclusive discourse: Members of the community mutually agree to allow multi-level platforms of discussion in and out of the class room which are expressed, debated, challenged, and potentially resolved.
Healthy collaboration: Community members agree to create a workplace without prejudice for everyone to develop and create scientific inquiry, research, and findings.
Respect: Respect for others means honoring their boundaries; respect for the Department.


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